Saturday, December 13, 2014

The folding roof -- sloping ridge roof part 2

King Class
The folding roof (sloping ridge roof)

Die Konigsklasse
Das Turmdach als Faltdach

Finally finished this task model. The canted rafter is developed on the folding roof surface plane. Bernd Kuppers does a really good job in labeling the drawings with the use of TH and BH. In the fourth drawing below you can see how easy it is to label the lines using TH, BH, TS and BS and then transfer these lines  to the timber. I've always had a hard time remembering which lines were for the top of the heel cut. But using Bernd's labeling method makes it a no brainer to transfer the lines from the drawing to the timber.

TH = Top heel is produced by the intersections of the heel bevels with 
the rafter top edge (eave), and then runs parallel to the surface edge. 

BH= Bottom heel is produced by the intersection points of the rafter bottom edge 
with heel bevels in the ground, it is folded at right angles to the rotational 
axis into the plane and then drawn parallel to the surface edge.

Drawings showing canted rafters on the fold out roof surface for clarity. The canted rafter is any rafter that does not have a vertical edge. In these drawings the purlin, parallel to the eave, is developed on the draw down folding roof or fold out roof using the same TH = Top Heel Line and BH= Bottom heel Line for the heel cut at the hip or valley rafter. The skewed canted rafter, yellow, is just a purlin rafter skewed from the eave-plate line. The purlin rafter and canted skewed rafter have the top edge of the timber rotated into the roof surface plane. These drawings are just for clarity using the fold out roof surface method. Stick with the draw down roof surface plane used in the book.  The BH= Bottom Heel line is a lot easier and faster to develop on the draw down folding roof surface plane.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The folding roof -- sloping ridge roof

King Class
The folding roof (sloping ridge roof)

Die Konigsklasse
Das Turmdach als Faltdach

This task model from the book "The new Book on the ancient knowledge of Roof Framing" is interesting. The base geometry for the ground plan reminds me of the ground plan for the Alhambra, Granada Spain over the Hall of  Abencerrajes. The Alhambra ground plan is two squares rotated in the circle to form the 8 hip rafters and 8 valley rafters. Ad Quadratum ground plan.

In this task model the main ground plan is developed from two rectangles rotated at 45°.

Here's the actual task model ground plan from the book.

Here's the similar geometric development to the Alhambra Granada for the roof design.

Here's the geometric develop that I've done so far. Bernd Kuppers shows all the steps to produce the following roof layout drawings.

Valley rafter development.

Plumb jack rafter claw geometric development.

Ridgid OF50150TS Tri-Stack 5 Gallon Air Compressor

I've bought 3 of the Ridgid OF50150TS Tri-Stack 5 Gallon Air Compressor in the last two years. With 2 air outlets on the bottom tank and a separate air regulated outlet on the top tank this air compressor  make our job easier as a framing contractor. The top outlet  air pressure is turned down to 80 psi for our positive placement nail gun for installing nails into our structural hardware without denting the metal. The bottom tank air pressure is turned up to about 150 psi for our framing nail guns.

However, this Ridgid air compressor has broken down on us 3 times. The air compressor turns on, but wouldn't put out more than 30# of air pressure. We exchanged the first one that quit running correctly. A couple of weeks ago our third compressor quit running correctly. With two of these air compressors not working I went to the Ridgid website and contacted them on replacing parts in the air compressor. They didn't even respond. So I went to and ordered 4 of  the Outlet Reed Valves. Simple to install and now I have two of these Ridgid air compressors that work correctly.

Here's the Outlet Reed Value that broke.

Bottom line: 
If your Ridgid Tri-Stack 5 Gallon Air Compressor doesn't run correctly, then goto

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you also might need
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Total cost for all the above parts $32.00

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The pent roof with pointed dormer

King Class
The pent roof with pointed dormer

Die Konigsklasse
Pultdach mit Spitzgaube